• The Peach Common

    The Peach Common

    Matt Byron recalls a very special day when he came face to face with Suttons at Homes Peach Common. I have been fishing since early childhood and I am fortunate to have many great memories surrounding what ultimately is a passion of mine and a big part of my life. I think for various reasons some memories just stand out more than others though,...
  • The Italian Job - (Trailer)

    The Italian Job - (Trailer)

    Our latest In Session Video has to be our best one yet, Part one dropping on the YouTube Channel this Friday at 6pm. The Italian 🇮🇹 Job - Parco Del Brenta (Trailer) A few months ago Solar Boss Martin Locke, Dave Wood and several members of the Italian Team ventured over to the famous Parco del Brenta.  The fish had just stopped spawning on arrival so they...
  • Another Crazy Session for Wes

    Another Crazy Session for Wes

    Solar Man Wesley Lagaert enjoyed another crazy session on his local venue, he's Wes with the story. After an absence off a couple of weeks, it was about time to prime up the margin spot.  The marginal weedbeds had significantly died but were by now sunken and covering the bottom which made placing the hook baits on the right spots much more difficult.  The...
  • Diary of a carp angler Stef Vlog

    Diary of a carp angler Stef Vlog

    Join Stef and Rob Smith on their latest fishing adventure to Lac du Coron and Lac du Solace in France.   
  • Another Rainbow Monster for Arjen

    Another Rainbow Monster for Arjen

    Solars big fish guru has done it again!!!And here she is the monumental Two Tone Common or ‘Staartje’ at a monstrous summer weight of 76lb!!“Over the years I caught so many amazing fish at Rainbow. The target I wanted to catch for over some years I caught yesterday evening. My Friends made many jokes that I never will catch this one.To be honest I...
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