Another Crazy Session for Wes

Solar Man Wesley Lagaert enjoyed another crazy session on his local venue, he's Wes with the story.

After an absence off a couple of weeks, it was about time to prime up the margin spot.  The marginal weedbeds had significantly died but were by now sunken and covering the bottom which made placing the hook baits on the right spots much more difficult.  The first night I had 4 bites, which resulted in 3 carp landed and 1 hook pull due to the savage weed.  I only had 1 take in the night which was a 22lbs+ mirror but I received loads of liners.  Then between 7 and 10 o'clock, I received another 3 bites. My second bite resulted in a hard fighting mirror that found a big weedbed just before I could net it.  I felt the fish was still on, but I couldn't get it free from the weed and the big rocks so I expected that my line would part any moment. 15minutes later and I was still in the same situation until I noticed a surfboard which could help me pulling from another angle away from the bankside.  Once in position on the board, already soaked, I was finally able to bring the carp to the surface and made it change direction.  Don't ask me how I did it but luckily once back to shore I could get the carp in the landing net.  The mirror weighed 16.2kg but sadly enough he'd lost some scales around his tail during the fight.   After this eventful morning I managed to fish another short night and by early morning I managed 3 bites, again 1 hookpull due to the amount of weed and mirrors off 16.2 and 18kg were my presents.

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