Unfinished Business

Igance de Roeck latest diary piece form the last few weeks, our man from Belgium has been taking his syndicate to pieces.

Summertime is almost past halfway and the days already getting shorter. I managed some free time space for myself that I am willing to fill in with my favorite leisure activity, carp fishing. I had some unfinished business at the heikant syndicate in the shape of a long massive common which I would like to catch. This fish is sky high on my most wanted list, so the choice was quickly made. It’s certainly not an easy customer but at home, on the sofa, you’ll definitely catch nothing.  That week I had a 2 day sessions and one overnight stay at my disposal. In the back of my mind, the plans were already made. Now it was up to me to implement them as perfectly as possible. At the beginning of the week, Monday I would unpack in a spot that is hidden between the undergrowth. Not immediately the most attractive swim, but I did this with good reason.

I had the idea to give the nightspot that I was going to fish on Tuesday some rest and only to provide the necessary clubs / RH boilies. This is how it is said and at arrival, on Monday morning the nightspot was first pre baited before I position the rods further between the bushes. I never have very high expectations here at Heikant, since the carp are masters of avoiding the presented hook baits. Some of these characters even succeed in disappearing from the radar for years. God knows why they suddenly deceive themselves shortly after each other before disappearing into the darkness again. The good thing about our favorite friends is that they sometimes make mistakes for any kind of reason. It is therefore up to us, anglers, to estimate these periods as well as possible. Against all odds, the first bite comes after a few hours.

Unfortunately, all this was too good to be true and I lost the fish in the present weed. I am so very upset now that I first have to comfort myself with a cup of coffee. Just when I want to take the first sip, the right handed rod tip is crooked and I get a retake. I start the battle with a fright. Despite the lost fish from fifteen minutes ago still haunts through my head. The battle runs smoothly and a young stockfish is discharged into the net. Shortly in the afternoon, the same scenario occurs again and I land again one of this year's stockies. All in all, this day is not fishless. However, I drive home with a bitter aftertaste. Every fish you waste here can break up very sourly, the prices are extremely thin and you’ll never know what you have lost.

The next day I drove through the fence of the Heikant syndicate again very early in the morning. It soon becomes apparent that I’m not alone this time. The intended swim has been taken by a fellow fisherman, so the plans must be adjusted. After having a conversation with the other fisherman Kevin, the good man decides to leave the swim for what it is and he moved to the other side of the lake. Now I ‘m again faced with a difficult choice as to whether or not to take over the swim in question.  All options are thoroughly examined. My choice fell on the swim that I had in mind all this time. It is always a risk to take over from someone else but I was willing to take my chance. When waking up the next morning, I was very disappointed. We have passed almost 24 hours and everything has remained untouched. Staring over the water with my coffee mug in hand, looking for a connecting point. Against all odds, I suddenly see a fish hatching in the middle of the lake. I don't even have time to process that event, or another one comes to head and shoulders out of the water. My state of mind changes in no time and the adrenaline flow through my body. You just felt that electricity is in the air. And yes, 15 minutes later the receiver screams for attention. The violent carp on the other side of the line is not very happy and shows this clearly. After a strong fight, the net is slid under a massive mirror. Theirs no time to waste. I hang the net away in the supports for a moment and get the fish off the hook immediately. I want the rod back in position as quickly as possible. The carps have arrived and most importantly, their feeding. You’ll never know if one's willing to make a mistake. Just on the moment, ill zipped the bivvy door open to provide the rod with a fresh RH wafter, my middle rod buzzer screams it out. I'll run like a crazy mad dog through the water towards the rod who’s been pulled once again in a nice curve. Minutes later when the fish turns at the surface, ready to get netted it looks again a very nice carp. A beautiful 2 tone common has landed. That is how fast it can go here.

A few hours later just before packing, the same routine is repeated again, but this time 2 smaller fish are outwitted. While driving home, I was talking and convincing myself that ill need to come back better sooner than later. After making some shifts in the busy schedule, I manage to free up some space. Although this time just to fish for a day session that have to be enough. A few days later I arrive very early at the lake again. To my great surprise, not a single soul can be detected and the swim is therefore free. The weather conditions have now also changed dramatically. Now its raining cats and dogs and the temperature have dropped enormously. I don't have much time to think about all that. The rods must be in position as quickly as possible because the fishing time is short. The first hours are fishless and towards the afternoon I still get the feeling that maybe it won't happen now. The words in my mind were not yet completed or the receiver produced that monotonous shrill sound. Yes, we finally have some action. The better fish are incredibly strong here and once again this warrior shows his worst side. Going to the left, to right and back again to the left. These are the ones we want to catch so badly.

Not much later, she is exhausted on the surface of the water and I can make her mine. From that point, the impossible happens. I was watching at my price at

#the bottom of the net when suddenly my left handed rod came to life. This scenario would continue non-stop for the next 5 hours. I didn't even have time to eat, it's going so fast. It was as if the fish were turned on by a button that caused them to eat unrestrained. What was very striking is that only the really better fish demanded all the food ( RH/Club bait) and clearly did not tolerate any competition. In that particular time span, I got no less than 7 runs of which the smallest fish just passed the 30lb barrier. The last carp that I was allowed to embrace was very special. No, most likely this fish was probably older than myself and one of the few remaining originals. Despite the fact that my absolute target didn’t show up, I was a very satisfied man. I can tell you with certainty it has rarely happened to me that I drove home so exhausted. It is therefore extremely difficult to come home to tell your wife that you’re tired from fishing. Eventually, she can laugh about it. Sometimes everything falls into place. The right time, good bait and good bait presentation can lead to the creation of an unforgettable moment. The search is continued. 

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