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The popularity of Solar Tackle's Big Shot liquids have led to the creation of the all-new Mega Big Shots. Part of the Liquid Gold range, alongside Marine 17 and Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, this new product sees the popular Big Shot liquid supplied in 1.1-litre bottles, giving you fantastic value for money.
PVA friendly and perfect for glugging all manner of baits, rehydrating boilies, boosting PVA stick and bag mixes, uprating spod mixes and all manner of other bait applications.
Made with the original Pear Of Bananas and Caramel Toffee concentrated flavours to match the rest of the Top Banana range.
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Big Mirror

Submitted by Jonathan Bones

""

Look at this beauty! Solar Tackle field tester Julien Porquet has landed this mid thirty mirror from a big, public water near his home town in France.

The young angler, who is quickly building a name as a big-carp specialist, fished a 14mm Top Banana bottom bait with a PVA bag of Top Banana Up & Down Mix over a carpet of Top Banana Up & Down Mix.

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Big Carp From Small Rivers


Fishing for 24-hours on a tiny stretch of a local river (so small you would question whether any big carp lived there!), Solar field tester Gabriel Blatterspiel's landed four carp, the biggest being this chunky mid twenty.
Gabriel explains: "I'm so pleased. I caught four fish in just 24-hours on a stretch of the river where you can be lucky just to get a single bite on a session, where blank trips are common for many anglers. 
"I prebaited a spot right in the margin with a mixture of nuts, maize and some Pink & White test baits. With the lakebed being almost black, i wanted a relatively bright mix, so that there was plenty of visual attraction, and I'm sure the visual aspect helped me to get quicker bites.
"The hook baits were placed right under the rod tips over the baited area and caught on a snowman hook bait, a trimmed-down bottom bait and a Top Banana pop-ups."

Kicking Off In Style


On his first trip of the year to his target water Dennis Schürhaus has landed these two near 30lb mirrors as he kicks his campaign off in style.

Fishing over a spread of Top Banana and Chilli Club boilies, Dennis presented a snowman rig comprising an 18mm Chilli Club bottom bait and Top Banana Corker with a small PVA bag of crushed boilies (again Chilli Club and Top Banana) to tempt both carp.

Gravel Pit Thirty


Field tester Julien Lopez has landed this lovely 34lb mirror fishing with a Top Banana snowman hook bait over half a kilo of Top Banana freebies on a public gravel pit.

Quick-Hit Thirty


A few hours on a local water using PVA sticks filled with Top Banana Up & Down Mix and a Top Banana snowman hook bait has seen team member Fred Ducros land this chunky, 30lb+ mirror.

Huge 64lb 10oz Mirror Landed


Take a look at this incredible 64lb 10oz mirror landed on a Top Banana pop-up by fieldtester Fred Ducros. Fred was targeting a hard, private gravel pit that he'd been concentrating on for some time. Presenting a Top Banana pop-up hook bait over a spread of home-made boilies soaked in Top Banana Mega Big Shot Lquid did the trick on this occasion.

32lb Mirror Tops Productive Trip


This lovely 32lb mirror topped a productive trip for field tester Elmar Axt which out using 'fizzy boilies'.
Soaking our Top Banana boilies in matching Mega Big Shot liquid and then coating them in Top Banana Up & Down Mix Elmar gave his baits an 'active edge'. 
Presenting a Top Banana snowman hook bait over the top of the 18mm freebies he enjoyed one of his most productive trips this year.

Top Banana Up & Down Mix

Top Banana Up & Down Mix



Top Banana Pop-Ups

Top Banana Pop-Ups

80g | 11mm


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