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The popularity of Solar Tackle's Big Shot liquids have led to the creation of the all-new Mega Big Shots. Part of the Liquid Gold range, alongside Marine 17 and Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, this new product sees the popular Big Shot liquid supplied in 1.1-litre bottles, giving you fantastic value for money.
PVA friendly and perfect for glugging all manner of baits, rehydrating boilies, boosting PVA stick and bag mixes, uprating spod mixes and all manner of other bait applications.
Made with the same concentrated candy sweeteners and flavours as the rest of the Candy Floss bait range.
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Short On Time, Big On Results


Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has landed a 33lb 8oz mirror and a 49lb 14oz common in just a few hours on a local water.
Having pre-baited an area with glugged Candy Floss boilies, Thomas set up for a day-only session during shifts at work.

Presenting a Candy Floss snowman hook bait over a scattering of glugged freebies, the French-based, big-carp expert landed the big mirror, followed less than two hours later by this impressive low forty common.

Candy Floss Forty


Field tester Rodrigue Daumont spent just a few hours on a local target water and was rewarded with this 44lb+ mirror.
A 14mm Candy Floss pop-up hook bait soaked in matching Mega Big Shot liquid did the business.
Just 2 Hours On The Bank


Fishing for just 2 hours before sunset before a night shift at work, team member Thomas Mascha has landed this 48lb mirror... yet another 40lb+ carp to add to his incredible big-fish tally so far this year.
Thomas fished a Candy Floss snowman hook bait on a local gravel pit over a handful of Candy Floss freebies in an area that he had prebated using the same baits.
Huge Brace For Thomas Mascha


While out fishing for a day-only session with his son, just before the end of the school holidays, Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has landed a common of 44lb 8oz and a mirror of 33lb 4oz.
Tiger nuts and Candy Floss boilies soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot liquid produced both fish.
Second Forty In Less Than A Month


Targeting a low-stock Danish pit, field tester Soren Poulsen has just landed his second 40lb+ mirror in under a month, a big fish by anyone’s standards, but even more so in Denmark.
Fishing an area of the lake he knows well, Soren baited an area with tiger nuts and 18mm Candy Floss boilies, and presented a matching Candy Floss snowman hook bait over the top.
During the first night a 21lb common graced his net, followed in the morning by a second common of 27lb 2oz. At around noon, he was in again, and this fish put up a huge fight. Finally, a big mirror slid into Soren’s waiting net and tipped the scales at 42lb.
The capture marks the end of a great season on this particular venue as he moves on to pastures new for the autumn.


What a carp! This 51lb 8oz brute of a common has been landed by Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha. Incredibly, this fish follows captures of 5 forties to 48lb+ and two thirties, all landed by Thomas since January 3rd on day-only sessions.

A baker by trade, Thomas’ sessions are limited to days only in between shifts at work, but at this time of year that plays into his hands nicely. Combatting some pretty tough, cold winter conditions lately, all of Thomas’ January captures have come in the early afternoon.

Heading to a gravel pit close to his home in northeast France, Thomas baited an area with plenty of sweetcorn and a few handfuls of crushed Candy Floss boilies, all of which he soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot liquid.

Presenting a Candy Floss pop-up over the top, a slow take just after midday, which was the only action of the session, produced this impressive common.

Two Huge Mirrors In A Single Day


As the cold weather starts to set in, team member Thomas Mascha has landed these two mirrors of 39lb 4oz and 40lb 10oz, both caught on a single, day session.
Thomas explains: "I had prebaited an area on my target water little and often in the week leading up to the session. Due to shifts at work, I could only fish for a single day, so probating would give me the best chance of catching.
"A mixture of Solar Candy Floss boilies, hemp and corn all soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot Liquid was dropped onto the spot as regularly as I could manage. For the session, I presented a Candy Floos hook bait over a small, tight bed of the same mixture I'd probated with.
"This first mirror came a few hors into the session and fought really hard. I was quite surprised, as the water temperatures are now dropping fast and I wasn't really expecting much action. Incredibly, a few hours later, a 40lb 10oz mirror fell to the same rod as well. I'm still buzzing from the result."
Two Forties And A Big Grassy


A two-day session for Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has seen him catch two 40lb+ mirrors, tipping the scales at 42lb 12oz and 48lb 2oz, shortly followed by a 37lb 10oz grass carp.

Despite cold conditions, Thomas pre-baited an area on a local target water in the weeks leading up to the session using Candy Floss boilies and a Candy Floss hook bait fished over a tight bed of freebies brought all three bites.

A Thirty, Two Forties And A Fifty In One Day!


Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has rounded off his 2016 season in true style. The French-based angler who fishing predominantly short, day-only sessions has landed a low thirty, two forties and a fifty... all in one day!

Targeting a local gravel pit that he has pre-baited Thomas spend an hour spotting crushed and whole Candy Floss boilies out to the clear pre-baited area. All of the baits had been soaking overnight in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot Liquid.

Fishing a Candy Floss snowman hook bait over the area he landed mirrors of 33lb, 42lb, 48lb 6oz and 50lb all between dawn and dusk!

Dawn 'Til Dusk


It's cold out there, but team member Thomas Mascha is still enjoying action. Fishing on an area he'd probated with Candy Floss boilies and corn, Thomas presented two Candy Floss hook baits coupled with little PVA sticks.
Fishing from dawn 'til dusk, the day passed without so much as a touch until an hour before the French-based angler was due to pack up.
This 45lb 8oz common turned an unproductive day trip into a memorable one, but incredibly was followed 30 minutes later by this 49lb 4oz mirror as well!!
A Mid Forty In Mid Winter


This 45lb mirror has been landed by team member Thomas Mascha while using his favourite, Candy Floss baits. Thomas says:
"I flicked a Candy Floss pop-up presented with a size 4 Stronghold 101 hook to a clear area that I've caught from before on this venue. 
"I put a couple of spots of Candy Floss boilies over the top, which I'd soaked in matching Big Shot liquid and coated in Candy Floss Up & Down Mix. In the warmest part of this very cold day, the rod rattled off and this was the result."
Just Rewards For 'Braving' -8ÂșC!


"The temperatures were very cold, -8ºC, but I got the result I was after," says team member Thomas Mascha.

Despite the freezing conditions, French-based Solar Tackle team member hit the banks of a local venue for a day session. Fishing a spot he knows well using a 14mm Candy Floss pop-up and small PVA bag of crushed Candy Floss baits, this 47lb 14oz common rolled into our man's landing let in the early afternoon.

10th Carp Over 40lb In 11 Weeks


Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has landed 10 carp over 40lb since January 3rd this year (that’s just 11 weeks).

Working full time as a baker in northeast France, most of Thomas’ fishing is restricted to day-only sessions, which means that planning and pre-baiting play a big part in his approach, and this latest triumph was no different.

Choosing a shallow area of a local gravel pit, Thomas pre-baited over an area where there are signs of new weed growth using a mixture of particles and crushed Candy Floss boilies, all of which he soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot Liquid.

Fishing during daylight hours only, Thomas used a 14mm Candy Floss pop-up fished with a light lead and flicked carefully to lie on to of the weed. In the early afternoon the only bite of the day produced this deep, hard-fighting common.

Day Trip Produces 40lb Mirror & 35lb Grassy


Team member Thomas Mascha got of for a day-only session over the weekend on a local gravel pit and was rewarded with these 40lb 10oz mirror and a feisty grassy of 35lb 4oz.
A candy floss snowman hook bait fished over a bed of particles and Candy Floss boilies all soaked in matching Mega Big Shot Liquid did the business for Thomas.

Huge 54lb Common


Check out this beast of a common, which tipped the scales at 54lb. Better still, team member Thomas Mascha landed it on a quick, morning-only session.
Targeting a large gravel pit near his home town in northeast France, Thomas has been pre-baiting an area on a little-and-often basis. Baiting the evening before his session Thomas put a few kilos of Candy Floss boilies and a cloudy particle mixture, all of which he soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot liquid, over the area.
Arriving in the early hours, at the first sings of dawn, carefully scattered a few baits over the spot and placed a Candy Floss pop-up on a size 4 Stronghold 101 hook and a small PVA bag of particles onto the spot. Not wanting to spook any fish that might be in the area it was all done carefully.
Shortly after dawn one of the rods registered a slow, steady take. On picking up the rod Thomas knew almost instantly that it was a good fish. A long fight followed, with the fish using its weight and staying down deep, but eventually a mass of golden scales broke the surface and this lovely common slid in to the waiting net.
Two Forties In One Day


Take a look at these two 40lb beauties. Team Member Thomas Mascha has landed both in a single, day-only session. Having pre-baited an area on a big, local gravel pit near his home in northeast France Thomas set out to target the spot for a single day due to work and family commitments.
Arriving at the lake a spread of prepared particles and Candy Floss boilies, all soaked in Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, were put out over the area. A simple fluorocarbon hook link with a size 4 Stronghold 101 hook and Candy Floss bottom bait was positioned over the baited area.
A strong, heavy fight followed the first take of the day, just a few hours in to the session. A chunky common was the culprit, which tipped the scales at 40lb 10oz. The middle of the day passed without event before the second take came in mid afternoon. Following another slow, plodding fight Thomas slid the net under his second forty of the day, a 40lb 14oz mirror.
Candy Floss Does It Again


These three mirrors, two mid thirties and an upper twenty, have topped a 6-fish catch for Danish Solar Tackle fieldtester Sorenson Lasse. Fishing on a big pit near his home town of Vordingborg, Sorenson presented a Candy Floss snowman hook bait over a bed of matching freebies that he’d soaked in Candy Floss Mega big Shot Liquid.
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